Dental Sealants in Kyle, Texas

Dental Sealants in Kyle

A dental sealant is a thin, protective coating that is painted on the chewing surface of the back teeth. They can keep cavities from forming and may even stop the very early stages of decay from becoming a cavity.

Once applied, a dental sealant creates a barrier that protects the molars from bacteria, tartar and plaque. Nearly 75% of all tooth decay occurs on the molars which feature deep grooves and fissures. These are prime locations for the growth of harmful oral bacteria and plaque. By keeping these teeth sealed, they are much less likely to suffer from serious dental damage. Sealants also smooth out rough surfaces on the teeth making them easier to clean and maintain. While sealants are most commonly used on children, they are also effective for adults who are at high risk for decay.

The application of sealants is fast and painless, and can typically be completed during a regular checkup. The first step when applying sealants is to thoroughly clean the tooth that is set to receive treatment. This prevents any existing material from being caught underneath the sealant. We then use an acidic etching gel to roughen the surfaces of the teeth and help the sealant bond more effectively. The sealant material is then painted on the surface of the teeth. Finally, we will use a special blue light to harden the sealant. After receiving sealants, teeth can be cared for normally.

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