At Vue Dental Kyle, our Dentists are committed to providing the best possible custom denture solutions. If you are suffering from missing teeth, or uncomfortable/broken dentures
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Dentures in Kyle

Types of Dentures

Full Dentures

If you have a mouth full of missing teeth (an maybe some that need to be taken out) then full dentures may be an option for you. Dr Patel can craft a custom set of dentures that will have you smiling again!

Partial Dentures

If you’re only missing a few teeth, then removable partial dentures may be an option. Partial dentures are typically not considered the optimal choice but are an affordable alternative to other more permanent options.

Dentures in Kyle

Fixed (Snap In) Dentures

If your existing dentures are constantly coming loose, or are generally causing discomfort, then implant retained snap on dentures may be an option. Often times, patients are not able to to eat what they want without having a the support of an implant to keep the denture in place. We would recommend scheduling a free implant consultation with Dr Patel to see if implant fixed dentures are an option to consider.

Snap In Dentures

Traditional Dentures

Eating Greater chewing power than dentures alone Significantly Reduced Chewing Power
Speaking Stabilized dentures allow for naturally speaking Can be difficult when dentures are loose/
Smiling & Laughing No chance of dentures falling out Denture Adhesive Needed? Almost never needed
Comfort No sore spots Regular dentures can move causing soreness
Gagging Implants can help reduce gagging Greater change of gagging
Bone Loss Implants reduce bone loss Bone loss is common once natural teeth are removed
Denture Adhesive Needed? Amost never needed Will most likely be required

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