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Tooth related pain can often be an extremely traumatic event. It can affect your work, sleep, eating habits, etc. It can seem never ending and relentless.

At Vue Dental Kyle, we have emergency patients everyday of the week, and often times several in a day. We’ve built our practice to specialize in same day treatment and same day appointments to accommodate unexpected dental pain and get you out of pain as soon as possible. Schedule an emergency appointment or call the office for same day visits.

Broken Tooth

Your tooth enamel is very strong, However broken or chipped teeth are a common occurrence. When a tooth breaks or chips off any of the following can occur:

  • Tooth pain due to an exposed nerve which can lead to infection and swelling
  • Dental abscess due to infected tooth
  • The longue/lip or check can get chafed or cut due to the sharp nature of the chipped or broken tooth
  • Difficulty biting and chewing food since the broken tooth is not fully functional.
  • Foul odor resulting from lack of cleanliness around the tooth
  • Increased bacterial load due to inability of the tooth to shield itself from bacterial growth.

Emergency Vue Dental Kyle

Broken or Fallen Out Filling

Remember, fillings rarely last a lifetime and often fall out at some point. Fillings often crack and break, it is important to get them fixed immediately when they do.
Similar to a broken tooth, a broken filling if left untreated can lead to a variety of issues.

  • Cavities growing in the area of the tooth with a broken filling due to food and bacteria getting stuck.
  • Often when a filling breaks, part of the tooth breaks as well and can cause fracture of the tooth itself. When that happens we may not be able to save the tooth and often leads to tooth extractions.
  • Cosmetic concerns – if the filling breaks in the front tooth then that can often cause embarrassment.
Emergency Vue Dental Kyle

General Tooth Pain

If you experiencing tooth pain of any magnitude other than very minor, we would consider that an emergency appointment. Tooth pain is often a one ways street which leads to increasing levels of pain. If you are experiencing tooth pain it is important that you see a dentist immediately before it can escalate.



What are some cause of Tooth and Dental Pain:

  • Tooth infections and abscesses can often cause intense dental pain which is a throbbing pain that does not let up.
  • Exposed nerve pain that can be caused due to a broken tooth or dental decay is often very painful and can limit the activities of daily living such as eating food, sleeping.
  • Dental infections can often cause systemic issues like fever and infections in the heart, liver and kidneys.
  • Gum related pain can be due to a gum abscess, gum disease flare ups and can often cause (can lead to joint replacement failures)


Regardless of the emergency, our doctors have seen it all. Uncertainty of what is going on often leads to dental anxiety which is why at Vue Dental we are now offering free emergency evaluation and x-rays where Dr. Patel will determine what is going on and what solutions can be offered.
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Emergency Vue Dental Kyle

Emergency Vue Dental Kyle