New Patients

New Patients Kyle


Welcome to Vue Dental! We’re excited that your are looking at our team to fulfill your dental needs. For new patients, we offer a $59 special which includes a complete check up and exam.

We have lots of patients that havent seen the Dentist in some time. Many of them are scare of have had bad/painful experiences. At Vue Dental, we love seeing patients like this and take it as a personal challenge to change their and view of what going to see the Dentist can be like. But don’t believe us, check out our reviews! Many of them start with “I hated going to the Dentist….” And now they’re raving about their 5 star experience!

New Patients Kyle

So come on in and enjoy a nice cup of coffee while you wait. They take in a Netflix film while we do our work. Our mission is to change the dental experience to where you look forward to coming in, and not dreading it.