Root Canals

Root Canals Vue Dental Kyle

The goal of root canal therapy (also known as endodontic treatment) is to save a deeply infected tooth. It is performed by removing the pulp and nerve of the tooth and cleaning and sealing the inner portion of the tooth. A root canal can often be a major sense of relief to a patient who is experiencing intense pain due to an infected tooth.

Symptoms of a root canal infection can include:

  • Pain when chewing
  • Temperature sensitivity
  • Swelling and tenderness i
  • Pus discharge around the infected tooth
  • Discoloration of the tooth
  • A recurring pimple on the gums

The first step of root canal treatment includes the administration of local anesthesia to numb the area. During treatment, a hole is made at the top of the tooth to access the pulp. Then, the infected pulp is removed. Next, the inside of the tooth is cleaned and disinfected and then filled and sealed. Finally, the tooth is covered with a dental crown for protection.

Root Canal Treatment

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Q. Why should I go to the dentist regularly?

– Most of us believe in running to a dentist when there is unbearable toothache. This is not a great routine to follow or propagate to the younger generation. Preventive treatment should be given more importance than mere dental treatment.Hence, schedule a routine dental checkup at least once a year so that dental problems can be kept at bay.

Q. Is root canal treatment painful?

– With modern techniques and anaesthetics keeping the patient comfort in mind.

Q. I have sensitive teeth. How to get some relief?

–Sensitive teeth can ruin your happiness while you feed on your favorite ice-cream. Toothpaste formulations with strontium chloride or potassium nitrate as principal ingredient can be very beneficial in managing sensitive teeth. You can appreciate the difference within a week or two. Avoid acidic foods like citrus fruits as they may increase the problem of sensitivity. Consult your dentist if the problem persists.


Root canal treatment can help you maintain your smile, continue eating what you love, and limit the need for ongoing dental work. With proper care, most teeth treated with root canal therapy can last a lifetime. Call Vue Dental now to learn more about root canal treatment in Kyle, TX.