Single Tooth Impants & Bridges

Single Tooth Impants

Single Tooth Implants and Dental Bridges

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant consists of 3 parts

  • The Implant body (sometimes called a fixture) which is the titanium post that replaces the ‘root’ part of your tooth.
  • The Abutment or the connector that connects the implant body to the crown (sometimes called artificial tooth or cap)
  • The Crown (sometimes called artificial tooth) that mimics the natural tooth and is the part that is visible in the mouth

The implant body Is placed in a fully guided system and is left in the jaw for the body to integrate and accept it as one of its own.

Single Tooth Impants

Advantages of Single Tooth Implants

  • More permanent solution: A dental implant with routine maintenance care should last a very long time versus tooth supported bridges and partials that have to be replaced every 5-7 years.
  • A dental Implant only takes up the space of the missing tooth compared to a fixed bridge that relies on the neighboring teeth for support. In the case of a bridge, the neighboring teeth also have to shaved down for the process.
  • Painless – With profound numbing and our guided technique – the actual procedure itself is virtually painless! (insert patient vidoes here mely)

How long does it take?

All in all the procedure does take about 3 months start to finish if the tooth is already missing. If the tooth has to still be removed then in some cases we let the area heal first before proceeding with the implant placement.