Tooth Extractions

If a tooth is broken or damaged, we will always make every effort to repair it, but when there’s too much damage, the tooth may need to be extracted. When this is the case, our expert team will work to make it as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Tooth Extractions


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Tooth Extractions Kyle TX – We all hope that our permanent teeth will last a lifetime, but sometimes a tooth needs to be extracted for your health. There are many reasons that a tooth extraction may be necessary. One of the most common is that it is too damaged to be repaired either through injury or decay. Other reasons include overcrowding, infection or risk of infection, or in preparation for orthodontic treatment.

After your extraction is complete, you should take it easy for about 24 hours. Use ice on your outer cheek for any swelling. Avoid using a straw, drinking alcohol, and food or drinks that are hot. Be sure to follow the directions we provide you, and call us if you have any concerns. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call Vue Dental today in Kyle, TX. You can reach us at (512) 888-9340.


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    When you come in for your tooth extraction, we will provide anesthesia to numb the area. Ask us about laughing gas as well. Tooth extraction procedure, the tooth will then be removed using special dental equipment. If it is a larger tooth, it may need to be cut in half before extracted. The actual extraction process is typically very fast, and while you will probably only feel pressure.