What Kind of Dentures Do I Need?

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What kind of dentures do I need?

When is comes to choosing your type of dentures you would first want to look at the choice between implant supported dentures or traditional dentures which would be held in place with a dental adhesive. If you are looking for a type of denture that is more secure than what an adhesive can offer, then implant supported dentures would be good option. If you choose implant supported dentures then you have two additional choices or either removable snap-in implant supported dentures, or fixed implant supported dentures. See the flowchart below for a visual representation.

Dentures Kyle

Fixed Dentures Vs Removable Snap-in Dentures

  • Implant supported removable dentures are designed specifically to be removable. Typically a patient would take them out nightly for cleaning. Fixed dentures however are more permanent, have a different cleaning process, and can only be taken out by the dentist.
  • Fixed dentures are the most secure of all the dentures and cannot slip out of place. Snap-in dentures are also extremely secure but may slip out of place, but typically only if you are chewing something extremely tough or hard.
  • Fixed dentures can sometimes cost more, especially if more implants are required than with a removable denture.
Snap-In Implant Denture