Confused by Tooth Implant Pricing?

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According to theĀ American Academy of Implant Dentistry, around 500,000 people
choose to get dental implants annually, and about 3 million Americans have already
got the implant treatment done.

Confused by Tooth Implant Pricing

In case of tooth loss, dental implants have become
the standard choice for their replacement. So, when it comes to choosing, one might
have questions about the treatment and its prices. To get it all sorted, let us go
through some basic details about implants and their prices.

Missing Tooth?

Dental Implant is the standard choice for most cases.

For decades now, dental implants are one of the biggest advancements in the field
of dentistry. Dental implants are the most recommended treatment for the
replacement of missing teeth. An artificial screw often made up of titanium (root part
of the dental implant) is surgically placed in the socket of the lost tooth. The screw
osseointegrate within the existing bone and create a strong bond with the jaw on
which the ceramic crown is placed.

Confused by Tooth Implant Pricing

Although dental implants can be the treatment of choice for most missing tooth
cases, there are some situations where your dental professional will advise you to go
for the alternative solutions. Situations such as:

  • Less bone height and support. [One should plan to go for the implant as soon
    as one loses their tooth because waiting for the long periods lessens the bone
    height and makes it weaker.]
  • Patients having uncontrolled diabetes, Leukemia, and some heart problems
    are not good candidates for the implants.

Therefore, the dentist is the right person who can review and suggest the best
treatment for different cases.

Treatment with dental implants follow the following steps:

1) Extraction: If a tooth is dying or is beyond repair, extraction and implant placement
can be done simultaneously. This step saves time and also an additional surgical
intervention. However, if the tooth is already missing, this step is no longer

2) Need for bone grafting: After assessing your overall oral health, your dentist will
determine the need for bone grafting. Depending upon the length of the time you lost
the tooth, the condition of your jawbone, periodontal health, and whether you are a
smoker, the need for bone grafting is assessed. In cases where the jawbone is not
thick enough to support the implant, bone grafting is required.

3) Implant placement: After everything is assessed and done as per the requirement,
often under local anesthesia, the titanium implant screw is placed in the lost tooth’s
socket. More than one implant can be placed depending upon the space and the
number of missing teeth.

4) Healing period: After the implant is placed, there is a healing period of two to six
months. The implant screw gets time to osseointegrate in the jawbone. A temporary
crown, bridge, or denture, during the healing period, helps in eating, speaking, and
looking aesthetically well. However, this temporary arrangement is not suitable in all
cases. The dentist decides better whether this is the option for you or not.

5) Abutment placement: Once the implant gets fused, the abutment is placed. The
abutment serves as the connection between the implant and the crown. The dentist
may need to reopen the gums to expose the dental implant and place the abutment.

6) Permanent crown placement: With dental impressions and matching color shade,
the permanent crown is made in the lab. The crown made up from Zirconia or
Ceramic is then attached to the abutment.

Why are dental implants so popular?

According to theĀ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 26% of adults aged 65
to 74 have lost most of their teeth, and 69% of adults aged 35 to 44 have lost at least
one permanent tooth. Loss of teeth not only creates a sense of low self-confidence
but also affects eating and talking.

Confused by Tooth Implant Pricing

Missing teeth can also result in infections, bone
loss, and other oral health problems. Compared to dental bridges or dentures,
treatment with dental implants solves all the functional and aesthetic issues and
gives the natural feeling of having teeth.

Some advantages of dental implants:

1) Comfortable, stable and secure as natural teeth.
2) Longevity of almost lifetime when compared to dental bridges of 5 to 7 years.
3) Does not damage the surrounding teeth and hence prevents undesired shift of
natural teeth.
4) Aesthetically, very similar to the original teeth.
5) Regular oral hygiene maintenance is enough for their care.

Because of all the above reasons, dental implants have become the choice of many
patients and dentists.

Too much confusion about dental implant pricing:

The steps involved in the implant treatment differ from case to case. Therefore,
quoting the exact pricing on a general level is difficult.
As dental implants are becoming more common day by day, people are searching
for cost-effective solutions. Although it is good to do a brief research about the
pricing beforehand, be mindful of the price variations that might be case-specific.

Suggestions to look for during price checking:

1) Alluring offers are not always beneficial. Most of such offers only cover the cost of
implant placement, and other essential things are often missed out.
2) To understand the exact price quoting and their difference, you should look at
whether the prices quoted are inclusive of the implant, abutment, and crown or not.
3) If your dental insurance covers implants, look out for the specific components that
are covered under the benefit. It will help you to assess the out-of-pocket costs.
Generally, the cost of the complete implant procedure that includes the placement of
the implant, abutment, and crown varies in the range of $3000-$5000. This cost
varies according to the case and your needs.

Payment and lifetime value of the Dental Implants:

Very few insurance companies cover implant treatment. So, it is better to ask for the
payment plans that a dental clinic might be offering to have an estimate of the costs
that you might have to pay through your pocket. Many dental clinics offer several
dental financing options that minimize the overall cost of the implant.
Getting implants done might look expensive at first, but remember, it is a lifetime
investment. Compared with bridges and crowns that need replacement within few
years, dental implants are a one-time investment. Moreover, its appearance and feel
are very similar to having natural teeth. Therefore, if you are the right candidate for
the implant, this is the most cost-effective solution for you.

Confused by Tooth Implant Pricing

Dental implants are the advanced standard care for tooth loss. They give a very
similar feeling to that of a natural tooth. Although one has to pay more initially, its
lifetime value is way better than its alternatives. Do not get fooled by the deceptive
offers, and be mindful when looking for different options.
Most importantly, do visit your dentist before making up your mind about getting the
implant done. Understand the needs as per your case and then decide.