How Long Can a Tooth Infection Go Untreated

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Dental infections are known to cause severe pain and discomfort. Leaving it untreated for a long time is the worst option one can choose. An untreated tooth infection can lead to other systemic complications and health issues.


Signs of tooth infection may present as pain, inflammation, swelling, or abscess.

How Long Can a Tooth Infection Go Untreated

How to recognize a tooth infection:


Any region surrounding the tooth, multiple teeth, or jaw can be involved in a dental infection. The following conditions may increase the chances for bacteria to enter the tooth and cause infection:


*Broken/cracked or chipped tooth

*Dental cavities

*Gingival disease

*Oral injuries


The following symptoms are indicative of dental infection:


*Unbearable, continuous, and throbbing pain felt near the jawbone, cheek, and teeth and may reach up to the neck or ear.

*Inflammed gums

*Dentinal sensitivity

*Mobile tooth


*Swelling of face, gums, or cheek

*Difficulty in breathing or swallowing

*Bad mouth taste






Procrastination with tooth infection is not acceptable at all. It has a risk of spreading to the surrounding areas of the mouth and even extends to different body parts. In worst cases, if the infection spreads into the bloodstream, brain, or heart, it can create a life-threatening situation.

How Long Can a Tooth Infection Go Untreated


Following are some medical problems that may arise from delayed dental treatment.


  • Tooth loss
  • Jaw bone infections
  • Infections that may spread to sinuses
  • If bacteria from the decayed tooth spread to the bloodstream, it can make it poisonous and lead to sepsis.
  • A life-threatening condition known as Ludwig’s angina presents under the tongue that can result from an untreated dental infection.
  • If bacteria from the untreated decay of a tooth reaches the brain, it can cause meningitis. Meningitis is a dangerous condition affecting the brain and spinal cord and is life-threatening.


There are various treatment options available for dental infections, such as incision with drainage, root canals, extractions, and prescription of antibiotics in conjunction with the above-suggested treatments.

How Long Can a Tooth Infection Go Untreated

Maintaining good oral hygiene and getting a regular check-up done by your dentists can save you from all the hardships that may arise from dental infection. Anyhow, if you have any signs or symptoms of a dental disease, avoid delays and reach out to your dentist as soon as possible. For a dental infection the best thing one can do is to get the treatment done and get rid of all hassles that one may need to undergo because of the spreading dental infections.