No More “Waiting Game” with Six Month Smiles in Kyle, TX

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Waiting is a part of everybody’s life. People wait for financial breakthroughs, success, and even miracles to happen every single day! Admit it; it’s there. Students anticipating to graduate, expectant mothers looking forward to holding their little ones’ tiny hands. There are some who yearn for an answer to their problem, while others are, well, simply waiting and expecting for Cupid’s magical arrow to finally strike their crushes’ heart. Kidding aside, among the many “waits” that people will need to face from time to time, there goes Vue Dental providing an instant smile makeover for those who want to achieve a beautiful smile but hate waiting too long for a lengthy procedure.

In six months time, people can change their smiles! Thanks to Six Months Smiles treatment. It is a modern orthodontic braces option that effectively gives people straight and healthy teeth. Unlike traditional metal braces, this treatment uses clear brackets and tooth-colored wires for a discreet and less-noticeable effect. It is ideal for teens, as well as adults, who want to fix minor teeth irregularities more quickly. The treatment only focuses on the front teeth that are shown when smiling that is why it is more affordable when compared to the other options.


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Facts About Six Month Smiles

  • Six Month Smiles uses the latest and most advanced technology to move the teeth quickly and safely. Adjustments and appointments are stress-free and fast too!
  • The treatment can cater to a wide range of tooth misalignments such as extrusions, rotations, intrusions, and tipping.
  • Six Month Smiles focuses on the cosmetic appearance of the teeth rather than the position of the bite.
  • The process is not painful as it only uses a low force to move the teeth gently.
  • Retainers are still needed after the treatment to help maintain the teeth’s proper position.
  • Six Month Smiles is ineffective to extreme malocclusions. In this case, the dentist might recommend other orthodontic braces treatment that gives emphasis on correcting bad bites.

Take note that Six Month Smiles might not be for everyone. The dentist will need first to assess the dental condition of the patients to see if they are a good candidate for the procedure.


For more information about Six Month Smiles in Kyle, TX, be sure to contact Vue Dental today. Our entire team looks forward to meeting you in person and helping you achieve the best possible dental health results. Visit us today at 22510 IH-35, Suite 104, Kyle, Texas 78640 to get started on your new smile!