What is a Dental Emergency?

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When it comes to dental emergencies the main constant seems to be that they always come at inopportune times. Maybe on a vacation, during a holiday, or right before travelling somewhere. So let’s use a believable example to talk about dental emergencies.


Let’s say you’re watching a movie and bite into a hard kernel of popcorn; suddenly you hear a crack! Maybe a part of your tooth broke off? Or was it a filling? It doesn’t hurt, and you forgot about it for a few months. But now the tooth is sensitive and hurts every time you drink some cold water. You waited a few days and now the tooth is hurting constantly!



This is a dental emergency.


Let’s first talk about the common causes of tooth ache or pain, and what situations qualify as a Dental Emergency!


  1. Having a crack or a big hole/cavity in a tooth will often cause the nerve inside the tooth to be infected and therefore cause tooth pain.
  2. In some cases, teeth that have large fillings can become sensitive to hot and cold and can cause the nerve to cause pain.
  3. Accidents and trauma to the front of the face can often lead to broken or fractured teeth which can be painful.
  4. Tooth pain can often be linked to facial swelling. This is a high risk situation since infections and swellings in the face area can often lead to life threatening emergencies if not treated in due time.
  5. Broken down teeth may also get infected from time to time and cause pain.
  6. Gum abscesses can also cause pain in the bone/jaws.


All of these situations are not pleasant for the patient. The best thing to do would be to call your dentist and request an appointment for a consultation.