Why Is It Important to Brush Your Teeth Every Day?

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When it comes to oral hygiene, brushing your teeth every day comes first. However, with the availability of various types of mouthwashes, mint sprays, and mouth-freshener mists, many people think that they can get rid of brushing daily by using these.

Here, we will present some points that will clarify

why brushing your teeth can not be substituted by any other oral hygiene means:


1) Fighting Against Bacteria:


Important to Brush Your Teeth Every DayThe production of bacteria in the mouth is a speedy process. In short periods, bacteria start their harmful activities by multiplying. However, when we brush twice daily, most bacteria are destroyed. It creates a perfectly healthy oral environment that saves your teeth from the harmful effects of the bacteria. If bacteria stays for more than 24 hours in your mouth, they can damage your teeth by weakening gums and roots, encouraging decay and bad breath. Therefore, brushing every day helps give you a long-lasting beautiful, and healthy smile.



2) Effect On Low Saliva Production:


Salivary production is low when you are asleep than awake. Saliva acts as a defense against harmful bacteria as it creates a protective layer against the bacteria around the teeth. It helps flush out the food debris from the teeth and prevents plaque formation. Now, as we know that salivary production is less when we sleep, brushing teeth before bedtime provides the advantage of keeping our mouth free from bacteria. Also, it keeps your breath fresh in the morning by removing bacteria and acid that builds up overnight.



3) Protection Against Plaque and Tartar:


If you don’t brush your teeth every day, there is a type of thing known as tartar, a sticky remnant gradually build-up around teeth. ThisImportant to Brush Your Teeth Every Day tartar can’t be removed by brushing after it has already formed on teeth. Only your dentist can remove it by scraping. If still left untreated, it can cause a harmful gingival infection which gradually results in bone loss, bleeding gums, and decayed mobile teeth. Actually, it can damage your overall health. Moreover, if you are a smoker or a diabetic, tartar build-up can affect your health more adversely than it can do to an average healthy person.


4) Protect Overall Oral Health:


Important to Brush Your Teeth Every DayIt is thought that brushing and flossing are only necessary to keep our teeth polished and shiny. However, this is not true. Brushing and flossing keep your gums and overall oral health maintained by keeping them free from the damage of harmful bacteria. These bacteria, present in plaque and tartar, prove detrimental to the overall body health.



5) Improved Overall Body Health:


With advancing science, it has become clear that good oral health keeps you safe from many fatal diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis, diseases related to pregnancies, such as premature delivery of babies, low-weight births.

All these reasons are enough to make you understand that the healthy-looking bright, shiny smile created by brushing regularly twice a day gives much more to your health than you can think.