Foods That Kill Bacteria In The Mouth

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The human body fights against bacteria and other microorganisms through the air we breathe or the food and water we drink. Our immune system needs to stay strong to fight against the bacteria, which can cause common flu or skin infections or upset stomachs, or a dental infection. Although our immune system is powerful enough to take care of these, it needs a little help from antibacterial and antimicrobial foods capable of fighting away the harmful bacteria.


Foods That Kill Bacteria In The Mouth


Regular oral hygiene techniques like brushing, flossing, and mouth rinsing is the most effective way to get rid of oral bacteria. Along with these, some foods are suggested to have antimicrobial properties. However, please understand that following routine oral hygiene is the priority which cannot be replaced with these foods.


How to Kill Bacteria in Mouth


Some of such foods are listed below: How do you kill bacteria in your mouth naturally


1) Raw Onions:

Foods That Kill Bacteria In The Mouth

The presence of sulfur compounds in onion, which is responsible for the taste and smell of raw onion, also protects the onion plant from bacteria and fungi while it is growing. There is one research that reveals promising results for onion having beneficial properties against tooth decay. In 2010, a Russian doctor reported in the Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research that chewing raw onions for 2-3 minutes kills all the bacteria in the mouth. According to some Korean researchers, raw onions kill four different variants of bacteria that are responsible for tooth decay and gum disease.

This concludes that if the taste permits, you can add a few rings of onion as a salad to your food to help you keep a check on the bacteria count in your mouth. But its excessive consumption can give you a breath problem, so keep that in check.



2) Green Tea.


Foods That Kill Bacteria In The Mouth


Green tea has always been a popular health drink with many types of research to support its benefits. In a Journal of Preventive Medicine, a study showed that regular consumption of green tea prevented tooth loss in older individuals. Green tea contains Catechins that are supposed to kill oral bacteria and also prevent gum diseases. However, one should understand that the consumption of green tea should be sugarless. Otherwise, its positive effects will get nullified.



3) Basil (Tulsi):


Foods That Kill Bacteria In The Mouth


Basil is known to have antibacterial properties. It has many essential oils that are believed to kill bacteria, and research has proved its use in many hospital settings. This anti-biotic property is also known to help in the prevention of tooth decay. Fresh basil or its pre-prepared essential oils are supposed to have all the effects. Basil effects against bacteria are so proven that one can actually try to use a toothpaste that contains basil as one of its ingredients. However, the efficacy of this toothpaste compared to the traditional ones is not yet proved.



4) Mushrooms/Shiitake Mushrooms:


Recently I read a saying, “A mushroom a day keeps the dentists and cardiologists away.

Beneficial for teeth and heart health, several studies have proved mushrooms a great source against harmful oral bacteria. To be specific, Shiitake mushrooms have been very effective against bacterial growth. At the University of Queensland, Australia, researchers found the constituent present in shiitake mushroom that prevents the growth of oral bacteria is a sugar named lentinan.


Foods That Kill Bacteria In The Mouth


Some say that as oral bacteria do not feed on lentinan sugar, the bacteria cannot produce the acids that destroy tooth enamel. Some researchers found additional anti-bacterial properties of Shiitake mushrooms. According to them, these actually disrupt the multiplication of the bacteria and, hence, prevent the formation of biofilm that is difficult to remove from the mouth.



5) Green horseradish/Wasabi:


Foods That Kill Bacteria In The Mouth


Japanese are the biggest consumers of this sushi sauce. They had a reason for consuming this for over a hundred years. They believed that wasabi killed bacteria in uncooked sushi. Based on this fact, a Japanese researcher tested wasabi on the oral bacteria that caused tooth decay. The results were as expected. The wasabi did kill the bacteria in the test tube. Influenced by this, wasabi-flavored toothpaste is available in the market. However, it comes out as some novelty product that someone will hardly want to use regularly.



Oral Hygiene Routine Is Most Important:


Knowing about the antibacterial foods is interesting but does not improperly suggest their usage against oral hygiene routine habits. Maintaining oral hygiene is the most important thing to do to keep your mouth and teeth healthy and strong. Knowing the antibacterial properties of the suggested food items, we don’t suggest a change of diet.

These can be included as healthy dietary options. However, foods low in sugar and consuming plenty of water are the best options to get a balanced diet containing all the vitamins and minerals that also help in keeping your teeth stay strong. Again, no matter what one eats, brushing and flossing twice a day and rinsing with mouth wash will remain a priority always. There is no substitution to it.