What Is the Ideal Mouth Guard? – Kyle, TX

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A mouth guard is a piece of protective dental appliance commonly use by athletes and bruxism sufferers. It comes in three variants and is available over-the-counter, in different sports goods stores, and at the dentist. Nevertheless, a custom-made mouth guard professionally designed by a dental professional is the most reliable and durable among any other types.

Vue Dental is one of the leading dental clinics that offers quality custom-made mouth guards in Kyle, Texas. Although the teeth protector is ideal for those who play contact sports, those who have the habit of grinding their teeth at night can also benefit from this appliance. Teeth grinding, or medically known as bruxism, can bring severe damage to the teeth, jaw, and the overall oral health of the person if left ignored.

Mouth guard

There is indeed no doubt that mouth guards are the teeth’s mighty hero. Other famous sports enthusiasts admitted that the dental appliance helped them play effectively in their field. But, what is the ideal mouth guard?

Well fitted. A mouth guard that is perfectly fitted is more comfortable to wear. It allows wearers to perform any physical activities without the worry of dropping the dental appliance from their mouth.

Adequately thick. The thickness of the teeth protector will depend on the needs and preferences of the users. However, for those who are involved in extreme sports, a thick mouth guard will give their teeth extra protection against any injury.

It provides extra protection. Mouth guards should be resilient enough to absorb shock and forceful impacts. If one has fixed appliances in the mouth such as braces, retainers, or dental implants, considering a mouth guard that will also cover and protect these is a must.

Custom-made mouth guards safeguard one’s teeth without sacrificing comfort. The dentist highly recommends this type as it guarantees an excellent work. When in need of a good teeth protector, Vue Dental invisalign is a place to go!


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