Is Brushing Your Teeth 3 Times a Day Bad?

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We all hear from our dentists that we should brush twice daily. Does this mean that we should brush our teeth as much as possible, three to four times a day maybe? Some people follow the habit of brushing after every meal, while others brush their teeth only once in twenty-four hours. Some people brush twice a day, while some do once every few weeks.

 Everyone has different reasons for following their habits, but important is what do professionals think?


Is Brushing Your Teeth 3 Times a Day Bad?


Generally, dental professionals suggest that one should at least brush two times a day, using a soft-bristle toothbrush and for a minimum of 2 minutes. Remember, they said at least two times a day; it means if you are brushing more than that, there is no harm.


However, one should keep a few things in mind:


1)Time Taken to Brush:


Recommendations say that one should at least brush for two minutes each time they brush their teeth. However, sadly, it is observed that most people don’t brush for enough time. The average time for brushing among the general population per session is around 45 seconds. It is far from the two times daily sessions of two minutes as recommended.


Is Brushing Your Teeth 3 Times a Day Bad?


According to one clinical study, it is seen that people who brush for longer have effectively removed the plaque from their teeth in comparison to those who don’t. Specifically, researchers noted that people who brushed for 3 minutes each time removed 55% more plaque than those who brushed for only 30 seconds. People who brushed for the recommended time of 2 minutes removed 26% more plaque than those who have the habit of brushing for only 45 seconds.


Therefore, remember that brushing your teeth for longer is a better choice. Also, brushing with fluoridated toothpaste is essential, as fluoride makes a protective layer against cavities on the tooth for 12 hours. It is good to space the brushing time such that your teeth stay covered under fluoride protection for 24 hours.


2) Avoid Brushing After Eating Acidic Foods:


Some people like to brush their teeth after every meal, but this is not a good idea always. Foods containing acidic ingredients such as lemon or orange or sugary beverages can damage your teeth if you brush your teeth immediately after consuming them.


Is Brushing Your Teeth 3 Times a Day Bad?


One should wait till the saliva neutralize the acidic effect of the food. If you do not want to wait, you can consume something high in phosphate and calcium like milk or cheese. These can reverse the damage that acidic food can cause to the enamel.


3) Using a Toothbrush With Soft Bristles:


Do not miss to understand the importance of soft-bristled toothbrushes from the advice recommended by the dentists. Brushing with a hard-bristled toothbrush for one time also is not recommended. Therefore, there is no question of using it two/or three times a day. A hard bristle toothbrush is recommended only in specific conditions. In general, their use can result in the wear of enamel and gums. Even soft-bristled toothbrush becomes sharp and abrasive over time. Therefore, one should change their brush every three months.


Is Brushing Your Teeth 3 Times a Day Bad?


In conclusion

It is okay to brush three times a day; but one should only brush with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Also, the time of brushing each session should be a minimum of 2 minutes (3 minutes is even better). Remember, do not brush after consuming acidic foods. Do wait for the neutralization effect to take place.