How to Stop Tooth Pain Fast at Home

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Toothache can be mild with little discomfort or unbearably severe. Whatever the case is, it can be extremely debilitating and frustrating. The first call to treat such pain is to visit your dentist as soon as possible. In case you need to wait for the appointment to get some immediate relief, you can opt for some instant remedies.

Which are suggested as follows:


1) Warm saline rinses:

Warm saline has detoxifying properties which cleanze and soothes the affected area. The saline rinse flush out the debris lodged between teeth and can provide temporary relief in toothache.


How to Stop Tooth Pain Fast at Home


Take one teaspoon of salt, mix it in a glass full of warm water. Rinse in your mouth gently for 20-30 seconds. Spit out the water and repeat till the water in the glass ends.


2) Icepack/cold compress:

Applying cold compress can relieve your pain and swelling temporarily. However, one should not depend on it for permanent relief. If you see any swelling on the face or jaw, contact your dentist on a priority.


How to Stop Tooth Pain Fast at Home


Readily available icepacks or putting some ice in a reusable plastic bag or cotton towel can be used on the affected area. Hold the same for few minutes until the pain subsides. Repeat if needed.





Clove oil is known for its numbing properties. For this reason it works as an effective natural remedy for toothache. It is easily found in the food stores and is comparatively inexpensive. It can be easily kept handy at home in case of sudden need.


How to Stop Tooth Pain Fast at Home


Put some drops of clove oil on a cotton swab and apply gently over the aching tooth. Avoid eating or drinking for a few minutes till the area of the affected tooth absorbs the oil. You can mix it with equal parts of olive oil, if you find it too strong.


4) Over the couter pain killers:

Dentists suggests taking acetaminophen, ibuprofen or naproxen for temporary relief in case of dental pain. Local application of the pain relieveing gel can numb the tooth for a while. However, these medicines relieve the pain for the short term only. Therefore, depending on these is never a good option.


How to Stop Tooth Pain Fast at Home


Problem of toothache is faced by everyone at some point of time. Having the above discussed remedies handy at home can relieve the pain until one reaches the dentist to get a permanent solution.

Never procrastinate your visit to a dentist because you never know when a small dental problem can convert to a systemic issue and cost you tooth or even more.