How to Clean Your Mouth From Bacteria ?

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Many healthy bacteria live in our mouths. However, when bacteria that don’t have a natural habitat in our mouths start colonizing and creating disharmony in the ph balance of the oral tissues and fluid, we start having various mouth problems. Professional care is a must to handle these bacterial infections.

How to Clean Your Mouth From Bacteria


Anyhow, what if we say that it is relatively easy to guard against these bacteria by taking care of your mouth and maintaining general oral health? Yes, there are several preventive measures that you can take to keep your mouth safe against the colonization of these bacteria’s, and that too within the comfort of your home.


Here is the list of some measures that you may take to protect your mouth from these unwanted bacteria:


How to Clean Your Mouth From Bacteria


1) Brushing your teeth twice a day:

Whenever you consume some food or drinks, the bacterias present on the plaque that generally is present around your teeth start producing acids to catalyze the food remnants. This acidic environment can lead to the decomposition of the enamel layer that further forms the cavity. Brushing twice a day can help in removing this bacteria and plaque away along with the food remnants.

How to Clean Your Mouth From Bacteria

Also, remember to replace the toothbrush every 3-4 months to keep it fresh, increasing its effectiveness and keeping it free from the accumulation of bacteria on the tooth bristles.


2) Tongue Scraping:

Bad breath is very normal in people having uncleaned tongues apart from their uncleaned teeth. Accumulation of food particles and bacteria on the tongue can be a primary cause of this halitosis. Therefore, it is necessary that you not only keep your teeth clean but also keep your tongue free from bacteria by cleaning it with the help of a tongue scraper.

How to Clean Your Mouth From Bacteria

Flossing after meals is another good way to keep the mouth thoroughly clean, even from hard-to-reach crevices of the mouth.


3) Mouth Rinse:

Gargles and Mouth Wash is the easiest way to keep your breath and mouth free from bacterial accumulation. However, selecting from the wide range of available mouthwash is important. Over-the-counter available mouthwashes are often free from alcohol and other irritants. These generally contain organic ingredients such as cinnamon, clove, tea-tree oils, peppermint, or spearmint.

How to Clean Your Mouth From Bacteria

These natural mouthwashes are safe to use in the routine. Also, your dentist may prescribe you some specially formulated mouthwash depending upon your oral needs. You can use those as per the instructions by your dentist.


4) Diet:

One may think that diet cannot play an essential role when bacterial accumulation in the mouth is concerned. However, it is an important part indeed! Food that is high in sugar is very unsuitable for your dental structure.

How to Clean Your Mouth From Bacteria

The bacteria present in the mouth catalyzes the sugar in the food, further damaging the enamel of the teeth and gradually causing cavities. Junk food like bakery items, burgers, and pizzas, canned drinks, caramels, and candy are some food types that you may want to avoid. Even if you consume these, be sure to rinse your mouth or brush after eating.


5) Natural benefit of Green Tea:

People believing in natural remedies will be glad to know that Green Tea is supposed to help maintain periodontal health. On the long way of green-tea consumption can promote good oral health.

How to Clean Your Mouth From Bacteria

A good amount of catechin in green tea, an antioxidant, is considered responsible for this dental health benefit. It helps in the reduction of periodontal inflammation, also reduces bacterial accumulation in the mouth.


To Conclude

keeping your mouth clean, maintaining the oral hygiene routine religiously, and regularly visiting your dentist can keep your mouth free from all the unwanted bacteria and their ill effects.