How to Drain a Tooth Abscess at Home

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How to drain a tooth abscess at home – Suffering from dental pain? Is it due to an abscess? You may want to know whether there are any home remedies to cure the same. Well, the answer is No. However, you can reduce the discomfort by using some home strategies; till you get the treatment done by the experts.

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How to drain a tooth abscess at home


What is Dental Abscess?

A dental abscess is a pus-filled pocket surrounding the periapical area of the tooth or gums (periodontal abscess). This abscess can result in severe discomfort, pain and swelling, and even fever in some.



*Poor oral hygiene

*Untreated dental cavities

*Traumatic injuries

*Faulty dental treatment


Signs and Symptoms of Dental Abscess:

*Persistent pain concerning the area of the abscess


*painful sensation on temperature, touch, or pressure

* bad taste

*signs of higher body temperature/fever


Strategies for relief:

When it concerns dental abscesses, one cannot and should not just rely on home remedies. One should visit the dentist and get the treatment done before it worsens.


However, there are some ways by which a person can get temporary relief from the discomfort till one reaches the expert.


1) Over-the-Counter Analgesics:

These medications can help a little with the pain and swelling. Make sure you read the instructions for usage on the label of these drugs. It may reduce your discomfort but make sure you do not delay your appointment with the dentist as this relief is a temporary solution.


2) Mouthwash Rinses:

How to drain a tooth abscess at home

For a rinse, you can use a salt-water mix, a rinse made by mixing 3% hydrogen peroxide with water, or you can purchase an OTC antiseptic mouthwash rinse from the nearby drug store. You can use it between meals, swish it around the mouth and spit. This will help to keep your mouth free from germs that may further degrade the abscess but will not cure it.


3) Cold Compression:

A readymade ice pack, frozen washcloth, or a bag of ice can be used as a cold compress around the area of dental abscess. You can use this by applying it for 10 minutes once an hour keeps the swelling and pain in control.



Treatment and Prevention of Dental Abscess:


A dental abscess that is problematic to deal with is regular occurrences at dental clinics. Dentists are trained and equipped with the armamentarium to deal with this. They can provide proper treatment to cure the abscess from its root of occurrence.


How to drain a tooth abscess at home


Some of the treatment modalities for dental abscesses can be:


*Antibiotics as an adjunct to the therapy. One should take it as instructed and as per prescription.

*Root canal treatment, if the infection spreads to the pulpal cavity of the tooth.

*Abscess drainage and debridement of the infectious area.


Maintaining a healthy oral care routine is the best way to keep yourself away from all the struggles of dental infection and abscesses.


Oral Health Routine May Include:


How to drain a tooth abscess at home


*Brushing your teeth twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush.

*Flossing or cleaning between your teeth daily with a flossing device or an interdental brush.

*Consuming a diet that is less acidic and filled with limited carbohydrates. A habit of rinsing if you consume one.

* Avoiding tobacco products or smoking.

*Getting a regular dental check-up in time.


To conclude, if you maintain good oral hygiene, you will barely face the problem of dental abscess in your life. If you get infected, now that you have read the article, you know that you have to visit your dentist asap, as there are some strategies that may help you reduce the discomfort but cannot cure the abscess altogether.